Successful Mera Peak trek

He is 65 year young, writer from west donegal, best friend and client of namaste nomad. Malacys dream of climbing mera peak, a 6,500m climb came true a few days ago. Malacys sense of adventure began in 2016, trekking to Everest base camp, which he thought would be his only hike in nepal but since has been back 4 times because of his love for the country, the experience and the people of nepal. Last year Malacys climb on Island peak,a technical ,strenous climb, took him up to 6,000m. This was the biggest challenge for Malacy, physically, emmotionally and mentally , and it was a true testimont to him to make it this far. We thought this would be his final expedition , but not surprisingly, Malacy came back from this more determined then ever to climb the Mera peak, a fitting 6,500m summit at the age of 65! His strength, mentally, emmotionally and physically , determination and courage was the pinnacle of his success and we are extreamly proud of him.This was a difficult climb, supported by a team of sherpas and climbing members.
This has been a outstanding journey for Malacy. We are so happy that his dream has come true, and we have been able to be part of this chapter in his life. His safety has always been a priority for us , he is a exception to most to attempt this climb, and we hope to bring him on many more adventures ( below 6,500m 😂). Thank you malacy and we will see you soon. Namaste my friend. #merapeak#adventurehub #namastenomad2019#AdventureOfLife