“Hiking in the Dolomites offers breathtaking views of rugged mountains and pristine alpine landscapes.”. 

Wild Mountain Dolomite – September 15, 2025

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About the tour

The Northern Trek includes the first part of the classic Alta Via 1 – from Lake Braies to Monte Pelmo, an itinerary with the most fascinating landscapes of the Dolomites. You will trek through the Fanes-Sennes-Braies National Park, one of the largest protected and uncontaminated parks in South Tyrol. At the southern edge of the park, you will see the Lagazuoi area, a very important location from a historical perspective. In fact, the First World War was waged here. Nowadays, Lagazuoi is most famous for its breathtaking view of the Dolomites from its slopes. Passed Lagazuoi, you will then reach the massif of the Five Towers (Cinque Torri) which is easy to recognize for its unique and particular shape. From Cinque Torri, the route takes you to the Monte Pelmo group. You will be surprised at the majesty of Monte Pelmo which with its trapezoidal shape looks like an enormous throne.

During the trek along Alta Via 1 North, you will walk through some of the most intriguing landscapes ranging from pastures, woods, lunar landscapes, and majestic mountains to crystal clear waters. You will sleep and dream in cozy alpine huts where you will have the opportunity to taste the typical dishes. On your first and last night, you will stay in the elegant and picturesque town of Cortina d’Ampezzo in the heart of the Alps.

Depending on your preferences we can customize your trek. You can choose to walk alone or with a local English-speaking guide. The complete Northern Trek requires 6 days of hiking – it is the 8-Day Tour. The tour can be shortened to 5, 6 or 7 days. The trek does not include exposed mountain passages. Therefore, it can be undertaken by children with appropriate levels of fitness.

This is one of the most requested treks in the Dolomites. We recommend booking it as early as possible.


In the Itinerary arrival night in Venice and also the night before departure we spend the night in Venice which is not included in this itinerary, because some people may like to join us directly at the Dolomites starting point. **Your flight to Venice and return to Dublin is not included.

Day 1: Arrival in Cortina d’Ampezzo

The base camp hotels for this trek are in Cortina d’Ampezzo, a small town that can boast a long tradition in the world of tourism and events. Cortina is surrounded by the world-famous Dolomite mountain groups like Monte Cristallo (Mount Crystal), the Cinque Torri (the Five Towers) and the Tofane. On Corso Italia, the main street of Cortina, where culture and entertainment come together, you can admire historic buildings, and high-end boutiques and drink a cup of coffee in one of the many elegant cafés in the evening before the trek.

Day 2: Lake Braies

Ascent 960 m. Descent 300 m. Distance 10 km. Walking time 5 hours.

The Northern Trek starts at Lake Braies in the extreme north of the Dolomites. Being surrounded by the beautiful Dolomite peaks, Lake Braies is one of the most scenic lakes in the Alps. It was formed by a landslide that blocked the Braies Stream causing it to overflow and to form a natural basin called Lake Braies. Today, you will walk through the tree belt and reach the alpine meadows at an altitude of 2000 – 2300 meters. As one of the optional side hikes, we suggest the uphill climb to the Croda del Becco, where you can admire a 360-degree view of the Sennes Plateau. Alternatively, a very interesting hike to Muntejela di Sennes which offers stunning panoramic views of the Fanes-Sennes-Braies National Park.

Day 3: Fanes-Sennes-Braies Natural Park

Ascent 550 m. Descent 650 m. Distance 11 km. Walking time 5 hours.

On your third day’s walk, you will be immersed in the 25 thousand hectares of the Fanes-Sennes-Braies National Park, one of the biggest in South Tyrol. Here you will find very varied landscapes ranging from pastures and meadows full of flowers and herbs to waterfalls, colours and life. You will also be impressed by the beauty of the karst landscape which is a defining feature of this area. Caves, grooves, shafts, cavities, basins and other typical karst formations of the Fanes-Sennes-Braies National Park hide numerous fossilized plants, insects and shells of the Jurassic period.

Day 4: Lagazuoi Massif

Ascent 1050 m. Descent 440 m. Distance 13 km. Walking time 6 hours.

From the Fanes-Sennes-Braies National Park, you will move to the Lagazuoi area which is remarkable both from a natural and historical point of view. It’s a naturalistic oasis boasting an impressive panorama of the Dolomites – one of the symbols of the Alps. Approaching the Lagazuoi massif, at an altitude of 2182 meters you will find the Lagazuoi Lake nestled between the rocks fed by the underground springs. Its crystal-clear water changes color depending on the light and the mountains reflecting in its waters create a breathtaking landscape. You will see groups of fish of different species splashing in the water. The important historical information of the Lagazuoi massif is linked to the First World War. It was here that the Italians fought transforming the Lagazuoi into a fortress. The mountain is still a real rock castle, where you can visit the tunnels, trenches, and military stations which have been recently renovated.

Day 5: Cinque Torri

Ascent 510 m. Descent 960 m. Distance 12 km. Walking time 6 hours.

You are going to leave Lagazuoi behind you and make your way to the Cinque Torri (Five Towers) group. It gets its name from its shape made up of five towers, formed by a crack in the original mountain. On the way towards the Forcella Averau, we recommend taking a regenerating pause at Lake Limides, a small alpine lake of emerald waters. During the days of summer, the surrounding mountains reflect on the water of the lake creating a beautiful symmetry. As you continue along the path you can see the peak of Monte Nuvolau. The climb to the top of the mountain is optional, but it is from here that you can admire a 360-degree view of the Antelao, Marmolada and Tofane mountains as far as the Austrian glaciers.

Day 6: Croda da Lago

Ascent 450 m. Descent 930 m. Distance 13 km. Walking time 5 hours.

Today you are walking along the trails of the Croda da Lago group and continue towards Monte Pelmo. Its trapezoidal shape made up of 2 peaks, Pelmo and Pelmetto, makes it stand out. It looks like a giant throne and seen from the west side the visual impact is truly impressive. The only way to reach the summit of Mount Pelmo is by climbing up as there are no paths to lead you to the top. If you are still up for a walk at the end of the day you can try the pleasant hike up to Mount Crot from where you can enjoy the view of Civetta, Pelmo, Sella and Marmolada

Day 7: Around Monte Pelmo

Ascent 300 m. Descent 1140 m. Distance 14 km. Walking time 6 hours.

The day begins with a hike of Monte Pelmo from where you can admire all the features of its different sides. You will be able to see the imposing southern side, the green basin on the eastern side, the gravelly gullies in the northeast and the difficult northwest side. Along the path, you will see a variety of landscapes ranging from dense woods and pastures to rocky areas. Just above the main path, you can choose the optional visit of the dinosaur footprints on a dolomite boulder that broke off from the mountain. You will descend to the valley and return to Cortina d’Ampezzo in the afternoon.

Day 8: Departure from Cortina d’Ampezzo

Your Dolomites hiking trip has come to an end. After you have checked out of the hotel it will be time to leave the Dolomites.

We can extend this trip for 2 more days which includes Arrival In Venice and also spending Night in Venice before departing Home.

Thank you for your interest in this tour, if you have any questions please write to us or call us anytime.

Trek Highlights
  • Explore the uncontaminated wilderness of the Fanes-Sennes-Braies Nature Park.
  • Choose between several route options varying from 6 to 8 days of hiking.
  • Enjoy the magic beauty of Lake Braies at the start of your trek.
  • Enjoy the famous view of the Dolomites from atop the Lagazuoi massif.
  • Ascend atop the Croda del Becco summit for a phenomenal 360-degree panorama.
  • Sleep in comfortable manned huts with the possibility of private rooms and enjoy good meals

Price includes

  • Accommodation in mountain huts:  depending on the itinerary, shared room
  • Accommodation in 3-star base camp hotels: first and final nights of the trip
  • Breakfast and dinner in the mountain huts.
  • Breakfast in the hotels.
  • Pack lunch Sandwich.
  • Airport transfer by bus.
  • 24-hour on-call support.
  • Local English-speaking mountain guide.
  • Transport of luggage between the base camp hotels – for the route options with a finish in Zoldo.
  • Transportation from the base camp hotel to the trailhead.
  • Transportation to the base camp hotel after the trek.

Price excludes

  • Travel Insurance.
  • Drinks at dinner.
  • Use of hot shower in the mountain huts: € 3 – 5.
  • Hot lunch( pack sandwich provided).
  • Optional lifts on the route.
  • Tourist tax in the lodging establishments where applicable.
  • Flights from Dublin and Return.
  • Phone or laundry services.
Complimentary services 

Storage of luggage in the base camp hotel during the trek – for the route options with a finish in Cortina.

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