Namaste Nomad at the top of Mt. Everest

Namaste Nomad is delighted to have our great sherpas brother to put our name in top of the Mt. Everest.

Our brother Dandi Sherpa and team successfully climb the Mt. Everest on 15th of May around 1 pm – 2pm afternoon with rest of other international team members. It’s a proud moments for us. It was also very important that everyone come down safe.

Our co partner in Nepal, Mr Dawa sherpa from “khempalung Adventure” told us that this time Weather window is very short so nearly 350 people are trying to summit within this week some of them already climb successfully.

Also we would like Congratulate to the  British Gurkha Team and their Sherpa collaborators who fixed ropes to the summit of Everest 0n 15th. Great job guys. This paves the way for others. The gates are open. Also proud for our Irish Brother from Clare – Clare FM write- A  county Clare man has made history overnight by becoming the first man in the county to reach the world’s highest point.

Hotelier John Burke, from Miltown Malbay has climbed to the top of Mount Everest, as part of efforts to raise funds for a local charity. Elevate was set up John and his wife, actress Aoibhinn Garrihy, to help support youth wellness in the county.

​Namaste Nomad provide lots of high altitude treks in Himalayas including some  peak climbing, people ask us often , can you organise Everest climbing and our answer is “why not” as we have so many experience Sherpa Brothers in our team. If you have small thought in mind to experience Himalayas for trekking or climbing do ask us, we can offer you best possible price and service.