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Namaste Nomad Ltd is a member and regional fundraising assistance for the Keep Nepal – Kathmandu Environmental Education Project, established in 1992. This project focuses on environmental projects, as well as education and welfare support for porters and their families. Namaste Nomad assists in fundraising for porters’ clothing and welfare support, as well as education and training for porters and mountain workers in Nepal, specifically for trekking purposes.

We understand that many of us come from villages to earn a living by serving tourists and carrying loads. Some of us didn’t even have shoes when we started, and we know how difficult and painful it can be to work in high altitudes without proper shoes and clothing. Additionally, some porters have no education and are unable to read, write, or speak English. Therefore, Keep Nepal organizes regular training and English-speaking courses in Kathmandu. Keep Nepal also conducts numerous mountain cooking training programs for unemployed youths in villages to prepare them for jobs in tourism and trekking.

Please donate

    Your donation, €20 for Education, €50 for High quality boots or €80 for Jackets.