First tour after COVID19 – Sikkim

We all know we are bit of optimistic about how life going to be after COVID, questions in head like, is it easy to travel again? is it gonna be safe? so much questions and also the financially how can I afford etc? Yes its good to think and feel safe but its not good to keep in trap your mind from dreaming of excitement about new destination and adventure, new discovery in life. As human its our nature to move one place to another and experience the world and connect with other culture and community just like us in other part of the world. What we get by keeping locked up and live in fear, one day we all have to go back to the source, where we come from, we all go empty as we come. Only worth we take is experiences. Travel is medicine for millions of people to keep mental balance and test life in full potential.
  • Travel cure loneliness.
  • Travel cure depression.
  • Travel help connect with or the beings.
  • Travel teach us love and respect.
  • Travel Keeps us dreaming and living life with excitements.
  • Travel takes our fear away and help us to build confident.
  • In travel we make community.
  • Travel teach us love and compassion
  • Travel teach us we all are same, name, colour and places are different.
Travel teaches many things and it is essential part of human survival. We travel 100 mile or 5000 miles travel is travel, we climb Everest or soak sun in the beach of Hawaii, both gives us amazing experiences and make us to dream for next destination after one. No one in the world say that my last travel wasn’t worth it, no matter what kind of travel you do, there is new unforgettable experience u will get.
There is nothing compare to travel and adventure which can give you seer joy of life. – Namaste Nomad
So what is our next travelling destination is – Namaste Nomad brings unique destination every year, customise itinerary to suits your interest, combine with Walking in mountains, culture, spiritual, and relaxing ones. We have regular departures always, such like Everest Base Camp, klanchanjunga Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp groups departures. But every year we try to create special group tour, leading by Mohan- Next spring 2021 March-April, during Ester holidays, Namaste Nomad Planning to organise tour to India. Which Combine 6 days village trek in Sikkim, then Tour of Taj mahal, holi festival in Jaipur, (and 4 nights beach holidays in Goa (optional). This 14 days tour is one the best and not to be missed, only max 14 people in one group. Cost of the trip includes everything from Transport, hotels, domestic flights, guides, food during the hikes.
Total cost of the trip will be 1400 Euro. 
Trip cost do not include lunch, dinners in city, Indian visa cost ( 90$) International flights( approx  600$) However we organise all flights for you in group. For itinerary and tour details please visit –   To book this trip in advance 300 euro deposit requires. If travel restrictions not lift till January 2021 full deposit will refunded. If you get sick or emergency medical problem or any family members , your deposit will be refunded. Please book in advance so you will have place in this special group tour.