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We run Himalayan-style treks in Picos De Europa, Spain. It is the perfect training ground for our Himalayan treks because of the higher peaks, altitude and more challenging terrain. Spain trekking in the Picos De Europa can be just as exhilarating as trekking the Himalaya!

Picos is a place that has not been spoilt by tourism and still holds on to the traditional beliefs and customs. Ecological protection ensures that the brown bear and the unique flora and fauna are safe within this National Park.  

We also walk “The Way” on the famous Camino de Santiago, one of the most important Christian pilgrimages of medieval times. Legend has it that the bones of St. James, Jesus’s first disciple, are buried at Santiago de Compostela. Today, people of all faiths from around the world walk “The Way” for spiritual, health or personal reasons.

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We will usually pick you up from the airport. In case you are travelling by other public means, there are bus routes and a narrow-guage railway that depart from Oviedo and Santander, with stops in several towns. Infiesto, Arriondas, Cangas de Onís, Onís, Cabrales, Panes, Ribadesella, Posada de Llanes, Llanes and Colombres, for example, all operate buses to inside the National Park.

It would help you feel at ease, but is not at all necessary. Barry and Kate are fluent Spanish speakers and they handle all of our arrangements. Furthermore, the Spanish are very forthcoming in trying to communicate when you don’t speak or understand. A phrasebook and smiling a lot could help!

The Picos de Europa, with “green Spain” on one side and a high dry plateau on the interior, are affected by both the maritime and continental climates. Expect sudden dramatic changes in weather. You will need full waterproofs, warm clothing, shorts, sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Don’t be disheartened – the backdrop of light and cloud make the scenery even more dramatic.